2012 - The World is Your Classroom

Presenter and Session Information
Woodworking for Birds Resources:  Safe Birdfeeders, Seeds for Birds 1, Seeds for Birds 2
How to Build a Pollinator Garden:  Butterfly Plant Worksheets, Books about Gardening and Plants, Planting for Pollinators Resource List, Pollinator websites
Tell Your Story:  Using social media to share your outdoor learning experiences
Live Animals in the Classroom:  Wildlife Regulations and the Georgia Teacher, Scientific Collecting, Fee Exempt Wildlife Exhibition, Georgia Protected Wildlife and Plants
Outdoor Learning Resources 101
How to Teach with Native Fish
Georgia Ecoregions and Soils
Outdoor Learning on a Shoestring
Farm to School for Educators:  Georgia Organics, Vermont FEED
Social Studies Plants

2011 - Leaving Footprints:  Natural Paths to Learning

Presenter and Contact Information
How to Get a COOL Grant
Entomology for Teachers
Beautiful School, Beautiful Communities
P.E.A.K.:  Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids
10 Easy Steps to Greening Your Classroom
Quick and Easy Outdoor Activities
Air Pollution CSI
Project Wild
Show Me the Outdoor Learning

Make-a-Lichen activity and cards 

Proceedings from past symposia:

2010 - Get Outdoors! Teaching Locally, Connecting Globally

Themed Sessions (582 KB PDF)
General Sessions (7.1 MB PDF)
Make and Take Sessions (7.2 MB PDF)
Saturday Workshop - Our Shared Forests (67 KB PDF)


2009 - Growing Fertile Minds
Part 1 Farm to School/Agricultural Strand (1.2 MB PDF)
Part 2 Gardening Strand (2 MB PDF)
Part 3 How to Teach Outdoors Strand (1.4 MB PDF)
Part 4 Outdoor Classroom Strand (1.75 MB PDF)
Mosquitoes and Ticks Brochure (2 MB PDF)
Snakes of Georgia (1MB PDF)
Spiders, Snakes, and Ticks - Oh My! (1MB PDF)2005 - Outdoor Classrooms: Teaching Outside the Box (2 MB PDF)

2008 - My Space is Outside!  Connecting Kids to the World Wide Wonder of the Outdoors Entire document (8MB PDF)
Or you can download in sections for smaller files:
Part 1 Table of contents, presenter information, morning sessions (742 KB PDF)
Part 2 Amphibian Monitoring (502 KB PDF)
Part 3 Alien Invaders and Letterboxing (438 KB PDF)
Part 4 Eating the Garden (151 KB PDF)
Part 5 Grant Writing (1.5 MB PDF)
Part 6 Afternoon make and take sessions (2.3 MB PDF)


2007 - Tools of the Trade: The Nuts and Bolts of Outdoor Classrooms
Part 1 Table of contents and presenter information (.7 MB PDF)
Part 2 Morning long and short sessions (2.6 MB PDF)
Part 3 Afternoon long sessions (1.7 MB PDF)
Part 4 Afternoon short sessions 3:00 - 3:45(1.5 MB PDF)
Part 5 Continued (1 MB PDF)
Part 6 Afternoon short sessions 4:00 - 4:45 (1.8 MB PDF)


2006 - Leaping Into Green and Healthy Learning: Ten Years of Taking Teachers Outside
Part 1 Table of contents, presenter information, Sessions: Air, Chemical, Energy, IPM (2.3 MB PDF)
Part 2 Sessions: School Grounds (.6 MB PDF)
Part 3 Sessions: Waste Management (2.1 MB PDF)
Part 4 Sessions: Water (2 MB PDF)
Part 5 Sessions: Water continued, Multiple Topic (1.5 MB PDF)
Addendum (.6 MB PDF)