EEA Awards 2001-Present    

Outdoor Classroom Service Award
2003 Dr. Becky Champion, Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center
2004 Melissa Caspary, Athens
2005 Beth Gammon and Kevin Smith, Vickery Creek Elementary School
2006 Vicky Castro, Amana Academy; Bannie Hulsey, Pinewood Christian Academy
2007 Bonnie Walton and Janice Tipper, Baker County Elementary School, and Baker County Master Gardeners
2008 Kim Hooks, Swainsboro Primary School
2009 Tina Fain, Seminole County Elementary School
2010 Karen Moncreif, Kinchafoonee Primary School
2011 Jerry Hightower, National Park Service
2012 ---
2013 ---
2014 ---
2015 ---
2016 ---
2017 ---

Monarchs Across Georgia Service Award        
2003  Margie Cline, Project Adventure, Rainbow Lake Campus; Z Ganaway, Garden Club of Georgia, Inc.; Anne Marie Glawe, R. L. Norton Elementary School; Claire Miller, The Oakhurst Community Garden; Ruth Pinson,  Armuchee Elementary School
2004  Mary Terry, Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve; Karen Garland, Georgia Conservancy; Kim Kilgore, Arrowhead Environmental Education Center
2005  Susan Meyers, Stone Mountain Memorial Association                                
2006  Brenda Hunt, North Habersham Middle School
2007  Dexter Rhodes, Watson-Brown Foundation, Inc.
2008 Jennifer McCoy, Cobb County Watershed Stewardship
2009 Laurie Crooks, Stone Mountain Elementary
2010 Chris and Chuck Stewart, Tapestry Greenhouse & Nursery
2011 Vicki Culbreth, City of Roswell
2012 Jenny Landrum, C.T. Walker Magnet School
2013 Sharon McCullough, Morgan County Middle School
2014 Trecia Neal, Fernbank Science Center
2015 Stephanie Spencer, Briarlake Elementary School (Formal Educator); Kim Bailey, Milkweed Meadows Farm (Nonformal Educator)
2016 Jackie Sherry, Dunwoody Nature Center
2017 Heather Alley and Lauren Muller, The State Botanical Garden of Georgia
2018 ---

Monarchs Across Georgia Habitat Award
2018 Karin Hicks (private garden); North Marietta Community Garden (public garden)

EEA Outstanding Service Award
2001 Eric Mau, Cedar Grove Middle School, DeKalb (Teaching); Lynn McIntyre, North Fulton PTA (Service)
2002 Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy Augusta, GA (Service)
2003 Dr. Becky Champion, Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center, Columbus (Service)
2004 Dr. Sally Pamplin, Duluth (Teaching); Laurie Fowler, Athens (Research); Kim Bailey, Ducktown (Service)
2005 Sheila Humphrey, Smithgall Conservation Area (Teaching); Mickey Feltus, US EPA/Region 4 - Wetlands (Service)
2006 Aladdin Akgul (Teaching); Dekalb Master Gardener Program (Service)
2007 ----
2008 ----
2009 Julie Burroughs, Centennial High School Teacher and National Park Service Volunteer (Individual)
2010 Catherine Padgett, Ford Elementary (Educator); Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division (Organization); Karen Garland, Georgia Conservancy (Individual)
2011Tamera Neal, Tritt Elementary School (Educator); Georgia River Network (Organization); Deron Davis (Individual)
2012 Susan Meyers, Stone Mountain Memorial Association (Individual)
2013 Mike "Pic" Petelle, North Cobb High School (Educator); Karan Wood (Individual), Georgia Adopt-A-Stream (Organization)
2014 Dorothy Kay (Educator); Brian Sterner (Individual); Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area (Organization)
2015 Lindsey Kee (Educator); Sharon Smith (Individual); Wilderness Society (Organization)
2016 Carter and Olivia Ries (Individual), Richmond Field Schools Field Studies Program (Organization)
2017 Kim Morris-Zarneke (Individual)

Eugene Odum Lifetime Service Award
2001 Rusty Garrison, DNR Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center
2002 Jerry Hightower, NPS
2003 Diane Davies, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service Environmental Education Program
2004  Ginny Brady, The National Science Center’s Fort Discovery, Augusta
2005 Frank McCamey, Decatur,  70 Years as an EE Leader!
2006 Margaret Olsen
2007 William E. Eswine, Savannah Country Day School
2008 Petey Giroux, Georgia Project WET
2011 Karen Garland
2012 Kim Kilgore
2015 Kim Bailey
2016 Anne Shenk, State Botanical Garden of Georgia
2017 Theodosia Wade, Oxford College of Emory University

Petey Giroux Dragonfly Grant for EE and the Arts
2010 Greg Bailey and Kristi Harvey, Eastbrook Middle School, Whitfield County
2011 Georgia Sea Turtle Center, Scute's Ocean Adventure
2012 Chattahoochee Nature Center, I Speak for the Trees
2013 ----
2014 Dunwoody Nature Center, Puppets for Food Webs and Food Chains
2015 ----
2016 ----
2017 Walton County Soil and Water Conservation District, Garden Trailer Mobile Mural

Special Appreciation
2001 Deron Davis, EEA President 1998 - 2000
2002 Peter Gordon, EEA President, 2001 - 2003
2003 Petey Giroux, EEA President 2003 - 2004, “With a Grandmother's wisdom, a Mother's perseverance, and a Child's sense of wonder, you lead.”; Ben Lee and Mike Hope, Parent Volunteers at Worth County Middle School, Sylvester
2004 Richard Osorio, EEA President 2004 - 2005, “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.”; Heather Merbs, EEA Vice President, "Because of your quiet strength and gentle leadership, we grew.”
2005 Anne Shenk, EEA President 2005 - 2006, “Your quiet strength and gentle leadership brought growth and harmony to our organization.”
2006 Kim Morris-Zarneke, EEA President 2006-2007
2007 Walter Lane, EEA President 2007-2008
2008 Donna Stewart, EEA President 2008-2009
2010 Lisa Weinstein, EEA President 2009-2010
2011 David Hedgepeth, EEA President 2010 - 2011
2012 Jennifer McCoy, EEA President 2011 - 2012
2013 Laura Aikens, EEA President 2012 - 2013
2014 Kris Irwin, EEA President 2013 - 2014
2016 Robby Astrove, EEA President 2014-2016
2017 Cora Keber, EEA President 2016-2017