Members enjoying a field trip at ConferenceMission, Vision and Goals

EEA has been serving environmental educators throughout Georgia since 1992. EEA supports environmental educators throughout Georgia to achieve our vision, a statewide culture of environmental literacy and stewardship.  We believe environmental education (EE) encourages inquiry, investigation, and the development of skills that enable responsible decisions and actions that impact the environment. Find out more about EE on the website.

We are a professional education and networking association for educators across Georgia.

As an affiliate of the North American Association for Environmental Education, EEA works to promote Environmental Education by providing opportunities for members, schools, organizations, and the general public to get involved through the annual EEA conference, Outdoor Learning Symposium, Butterfly Symposium, and other special events. 

Vision Statement
The Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia's vision is a statewide culture of environmental literacy and stewardship.

Mission Statement
The Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia's mission is to promote communication and enrichment among professionals in the field of environmental education through partnerships, initiatives, and access to knowledge and experiences.

EEA Strategic Plan

The Goals of EEA are: 

  • To increase the content knowledge, skill level, and confidence of active and potential environmental educators through professional development and continuing education. 
  • To facilitate communication, networking, and the building of partnerships among stakeholders.
  • To advocate for the increased practice of environmental education.
  • To promote the development and use of effective, research-based environmental education pedagogy.
  • To support values of diversity in environmental education.
  • To highlight emerging trends in environmental education and stewardshi