Monarchs Across Georgia has two award categories. The deadline for 2019 nominations in both categories is February 7, 2020.
Awards will be presented at the EEA Annual Conference in March. A donation to the Monarch Butterfly Fund is made in the name of our award recipients.
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                              Read about our past Pollinator Habitat Award and Service Award recipients!

Certified Pollinator Habitat

  1. Pollinator Habitat Award
    The nominee for this award must be a Monarchs Across Georgia-certified Pollinator Habitat that goes above and beyond the minimum certification requirements and has been certified for at least THREE years. For this year's nominations, your habitat must have been certified in the year 2016 or earlier.

    This TEMPLATE of the Nomination Form provides you with all of the questions that are on the online form and space for you to answer them in Word format.  This will allow you to (1) have a copy of what you enter into the online form and (2) make it easier to complete the online form by simply cutting and pasting your answers.

    You will also need to compile a list of the current plants (genus and species) in the habitat, their bloom season(s), and the approximate number of each, indicating if they are a host and/or nectar/pollen source. We suggest that you complete this Plant List Spreadsheet before you start the online nomination, save it to your computer for reference, then upload it to the Nomination Form in the designated section.

    Three photos are requested as supporting evidence (1) the pollinator habitat, (2) an example of your plant identification method, and (3) an example of your  educational signage. These should be emailed to [email protected] and labeled with the nominee's name, award (habitat or service), and number. EX. Cary, Habitat, 1

    View the RUBRIC that the committee will use to evaluate Pollinator Habitat Award nominees.


    Monarch Butterfly Fund Certificate
  2. Service Awards
    This award recognizes significant contributions to monarch education, conservation, and/or habitat restoration in the state of Georgia. Two awards are available: an individual engaged in formal or informal education and a facility recognition.

    View the list of the questions on the nomination form.

    Resources that are referenced: Monarch Butterflies and Georgia's Gardeners, Rearing Monarchs: Why or Why Not?
    A photo of the nominee appropriate for use in an Awards PowerPoint should be emailed to [email protected].

    View the RUBRIC that the committee will use to evaluate Service Award nominees.