Petey Giroux Dragonfly Grants for EE and the Arts

Petey Giroux Dragonfly Grant

The Environmental Education Alliance (EEA) of Georgia is pleased to offer mini-grant awards to current EEA members for up to $1,000 for Environmental Education/Performing and Visual Arts Projects in honor of Environmental Educator, Petey Giroux (1945-2008).

Petey brought much joy and enthusiasm to her work and was a master at using the power of the performing and visual arts to support her teaching. In presenting these grants to any Georgia educator of K-12th grade students (including those in public and private schools, home schools, scout troops, religious groups, community organizations, 4-H Clubs, etc.), we honor Petey’s life of service and her legacy of environmental education through the arts. For more information on Petey Giroux, please click here.

Now accepting Dragonfly Grant Applications! 

Deadline to apply is January 22, 2019.  Apply Now!

Recipients will be asked to give a brief presentation about their project at the EEA annual conference that follows the end date of the granting period. Scholarship funding for registration only to this conference for (1) presenter is included in this grant. Funded projects must be completed by one year after start date and a final report must be postmarked by one year after start date, including all receipts for expenditures and “Funds Distribution Form.”  Mini-grant proposals will only be accepted from current members of EEA and must meet eligibility guidelines.

You must be a member of EEA to apply. To join EEA, please click here.

Checklist for General Grant Guidelines to be completed before submitting:

  • My grant proposal promotes understanding of environmental issues through the visual or performing arts.
  • My grant proposal does not seek more than $1,000.  (I may submit different proposals, however I understand each applicant may receive only one grant award.)
  • If funded, I commit to follow up communication with EEA concerning the execution of this grant with a brief presentation at the EEA Annual Conference following completion of the grant and a brief final report.  Photos, video, PowerPoint, etc. are acceptable.
  • I understand that my project(s) must include ADULT supervision.
  • If applicable my principal has approved this project.
  • I have viewed the scoring rubric and understand the guidelines that will be used to score my application.
  • If funded, I understand that a check will be made out to my school or organization if applicable. 
  • If funded, I agree to retain all receipts and attach them to the “Funds Distribution Form.”  This form will be sent with the grant check prior to onset of the project. 
  • If funded, I agree to submit a final report that will be postmarked by one year of start date (March 1, 2018).  “Funds Distribution Form” and all receipts must be submitted with final report.

Grant Scoring Rubric

Information for Online Application

Past Grant Recipients:

The Petey Giroux Dragonfly Grant Program began in 2009.  This grant is made possible by donations throughout the year to fund a project chosen each winter.  

Click here to read about past grant recipients.

Petey Giroux
For more information about this grant, please email the Dragonfly Grant Committee.