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Robby Astrove is an arborist and environmental educator specializing in conservation education, native plant ecology, and urban agriculture.  Robby has worked for over 15 years with youths and adults to protect urban ecosystems, wetlands, and wilderness.  

He has a B.S in Environmental Studies & Interdisciplinary Social Science from Florida State University and received his Masters from Western Washington University/North Cascades Institute in Environmental Education and Non-Profit Administration.

For three years Robby was the Education Coordinator at Trees Atlanta where he directed youth and adult programs focused on urban forestry restoration and environmental education.  Prior to Trees Atlanta, he worked in the Florida Everglades as an educator, survey technician, and researcher for non-profits, universities, and environmental consultants.  Currently, Robby is the Park Ranger at the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve, a DeKalb County Preserve protecting more than 2,500 acres of forests, wetlands, and unique rock outcrop communities where he leads stewardship projects, interpretative hikes, and volunteer activities.  For the last 5 years Robby has coordinated the Atlanta Local Food Initiative’s Orchard Project planting community-based fruit tree orchards at schools, parks, and public spaces.  Robby has served on the board for 6 years and also advises on the Atlanta Local Food Initiative's Steering Committee, East Atlanta Farmers Market, and the City of Atlanta Tree Conservation Commission.